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Sure, exercise combined with NS is a powerful way to lose weight.They put my mind at rest on everything that I thought might get in the way of me and my goals to lose weight.Its not good business practice to have employees go telling new customers the wrong information.You are quite right in that you can buy all the ingredients from the grocery store and make your own, far superior diet to suit you.With Select, all the main meals are fresh frozen, while the Basic is 30% fresh frozen meals.This will help with digestion and help make you feel more full after the meal.I went on the diet in January for two months and lost an incredible 16 pounds.

We found lots of food we liked and not one that was not tolerable.I was a skeptic but I watched the commercials, listened to Marie Osmond and watched the demontrations by Kat Karney on QVC.Still, I am hopeful that with all my docs recommending this program, my insurance will reimburse us at least half of the cost.

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I really want to become even healthier and honestly look and feel better.Star ratings reflect scores of 1 to 5 assigned to Nutrisystem in seven categories by nutritionists, specialists in diabetes and heart disease, and other diet experts.See more than 28 nutrisystem complaints, nutrisystem reviews, nutrisystem scams, nutrisystem lawsuits and nutrisystem frauds reported.I stayed between 125-132 lbs. for years by sticking to a healthier diet and smaller portions.I add broccoli or zucchini in with the soups to make them taste better.

I was hungry after eating them, so I bulked out on salted peanuts.The only plus to this diet is the convience of being able to eat in a matter of seconds without preparing food.But the rest of the time I just ate the food they sent me and told myself it was for a good reason.Good Luck to Everyone on their quest for weight loss and a new healthier way of life.I am getting married in June of this year and would like to start out my new life with my husband finally healthy.

To answer your questions, if you go for Select, you really should keep the meals in the freezer.The company regularly runs special offers and discounts that are available to anyone regardless of any old codes or coupons you may find published on out of date websites.

Learn More About its Ingredients and Side Effects from Our Expert.It would be hard to follow a plan if you find the food taste horrible, so I am pleased that I enjoy the food.I love the new foods especially the frozen meals and desserts.

I have read through all of these comments and I have decided to go with NS.Many diet programs leave out those who can only eat certin things.Again I definitely recommend nutrisystem to anyone who has weight to lose and need help planning their meals to do so.One things for sure Nutrisystem certainly gets you used to eating in a more structured way with smaller meals and cutting out a lot of the foods that make you tired, while helping you lose weight.I have only eaten out once in the past two weeks to eat with family.I did not excercise as I cannot due to an illness that causes extreme foot pain.

Regular soda is empty calories and the diet soda contains artificial sweeteners (aspartame) that not only make you crave food, they can cause cancer.The counselors were very helpful and made that exchange pretty seemless and i got my box of exchanged food pretty quickly.I do not eat a lot but I have read my skipping meals sometimes may be a part of the problem as well.Especially people that are serious about jump starting their body into weight reduction mode and shrinking it down to a more agreeable size.I was skeptical about trying this diet but I need to lose weight so bad.Its not a huge deal, but to me it is and I believe I can do it, especially as I have now begun walking every day on the advice of this website.There is so much freely available information on maintaining a healthy weight online to help you and the millions of other people who wonder about pretty much the same thing.I told the young man at the time I called it was for one month only and was still put on autoship.The thing to realize here is that if you are used to meals of a certain size, it could be part of the reason you have gotten overweight in the first place.

Did you actually do ANY research on what it entailed beforehand.

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Your post NutriSystem Reviews is so good that I would like to translate it into French, publish on my french blog and link to you.Hi there, I just wanted to let people know-who are interested in Nutrisystem.The core menu is convenient and it gives you a lot of variety to try the various meals.If people cooperate and work with certain diet plans such as that provided by Nutrisystem and others like it and adapt to the habit of doing exercise every day, there would be far less obesity and more healthy people in the world today.

I told my friends about what I was doing with NS cause I thought they should all know I was trying to lose weight and they were supportive too.Its the same with any company no matter what products or services they sell you.Not sure on the shipping cost, some say they get charged that too, others not.Lean 13 gives you a real great head-start by making a big promise you simply cannot ignore.Hey Angie, the amount a person loses is really an individual thing and differs from person to person.I was considering trying NS, but I am concerned because the food is processed and I am fluid retentive.To hell with it of you feel hungry, just tell yourself that the hungrier you feel, the more fat your burning.Anyone can lose weight with this and keep it off if they stick to the diet and then after just be sensible what they eat and get some exercise too.You might also want to read some of my articles on this website about soda, sugar and sugar substitutes, white bread and pasta.